Welcome to the Chapel of St Mahew, Cardross

The chapel of St Mahew, built in 1467 and restored in 1955, stands on one of the earliest Christian missionary sites in Scotland (6th Century). Today it is the church of the Catholic parish of St Mahew's and is in regular use for the celebration of Mass.

The chapel is one of only four mediaeval churches which have been restored to their former use.  The others are: Greyfriars at Elgin, the Chapel Royal at Falkland and the Priory at Pluscarden.

Welcome Back:

It’s good to have you back and I hope that you will feel safe and comfortable, even with the “Golden Rules“ below. We will hope and pray that all works out well for us and for everyone at this time. So welcome back to your parish.

Golden Rules At This Time

  • Face Coverings Must be worn in church there a few spare masks in the porch for anyone who forgets their face covering.
  • Hygiene Please wash your hands before and after church. In addition there is hand sanitizer in the porch for you to use.
  • Offertory Please place your collection in the basket on the altar before or after Mass, a basket on the organ at the back of the church will be used for special collections.
  • Hymns Singing is allowed however we will wait until masks are dispensed with before reinstating hymns.
  • Holy Water May now be used by those who wish to bless themselves as they enter and leave the church. Hands should be sanitised before contact with the Holy Water.
  • Votive Candles The lighting of votive candles is still not permitted, hand gel contains alcohol which burns and someone in another parish has burnt themselves by lighting candles.
  • Parish Bulletin Take it away and dispose of it in your own blue bin. Leave nothing in church.
  • Mass Missalette Take it away and dispose of it in your own blue bin. Leave nothing in church.
  • The Body of Christ The priest before you all receive Holy Communion will say “The Body of Christ” and everyone from the pews will respond “Amen.” This means that you come forward and receive The Host in silence in the hand. This cuts out any droplets and helps reduce the spread of the virus. Please keep a distance when receiving.
  • Communion under Both Kinds This has been suspended for the time being.
  • Instead of the Sign of Peace at Mass We will spend a few moments remembering those who have died from the virus, those who are ill and asking God our Father to watch over us all.
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